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NJC Pay Offer Received




The NJC Pay Offer 2022/2023 has been received from the national employers and the full offer letter is attached above
Key Points:

  • Employers say this is a final offer.
  • It’s a one year offer, payable from 1 April 2022, for £1925 on all pay points
  • 4.04% on all allowances from 1 April 2022
  • Deletion of Scale Point 1 from 1 April 2023. This is without prejudice to future negotiations regarding next year
  • Increase of one day in annual leave for all staff from 1 April 2023
  • Agreement to enter into broader discussions on family leave and pay
  • Agreement to complete the work of the term time only review group (although this was already agreed)
  • Agreement to enter into discussions on homeworking policies (although this was already agreed and the employers note most Councils will now have their own policy)
  • Rejection of any increase in NJC mileage rate, but agreed to write to HMRC to lobby them to increase their rates
  • Rejection of covid recognition payment
  • Rejection of homeworking allowance
  • Rejection of a reduction in the working week to 35 hours
  • Rejection of a school support staff retention payment scheme

The headline offer is worth 10.5% at the bottom end of the pay spine – the offer letter (attached) has a full breakdown of what it means for each spinal column point.
You will recall the claim headline was for £2,000 or Retail Price Index, whichever is greater. 

Please Note that RPI is 11.8% currently, which is greater than £2,000 at each scale point. The offer of £1,925 on each scale point translates as a real terms pay cut at each scale point. 

The attached table document shows this detail.
The NJC Committee are due to meet on Friday 29 July 2022 to formally consider the pay offer.





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