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Priority Testing for School Support Staff - Sign the Petition


t takes a whole team to keep schools and nurseries running.

But when government minister Matt Hancock announced a new list of workers eligible for priority COVID-19 testing in England, in education he only mentioned 'teaching staff'.

We have asked the government several times who this covers and when it comes into practice as it seems to completely ignore vital staff like you. Staff who make up over half the workforce, and whose job it is to make sure pupils are safe, fed and supported. So far, helpful civil servants haven’t been able to interpret what the minister meant.

If you can't get a test when you need one, it disrupts your work and leaves you and your family in the dark about your health. That's not good enough.

When the government announces the details of its priority testing scheme, we want all education staff to be on the list.

Please sign our petition, share with your friends and colleagues, and let's tell the government to make you a priority.

Click on the link below to go to the petition.


With Many thanks.


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