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Supporting Women through Menopause


Menopause is a big problem for half the women in the workforce.  The average age can be over 50 years, but has been known that some women have started becoming menopausal in their late 40's; and this can last around 5 to 10 years.

Some women have found work to be difficult during this time, and it can affect their physical and emotional health.

There are number of symptoms: 

hot flushes, feeling tired, palpitations, headaches, night sweats, sleep disturbance, fatigue, poor concentration,  irritation and dryness. Re occurring water infections and various other problems.

Some women, with symptoms, who have worked for numerous years, are now struggling and requiring time off.  These women are skilled in the job and are finding it difficult to admit they need support.  More women need to feel confident enough to speak with their manager and see about negotiating flexible working, in order to deal with some symptoms.

Health and Safety Representatives and Stewards should talk more openly about menopause and the symptoms that women are dealing with, and share any problems, i.e. access to toilet facilities, toilet breaks and cold water; with other women in the work place, as some women can feel alone. 

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