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Ava White Foundation - Please sign Petition


Ava White


The regional women’s committee is appealing to all UNISON members to help the Ava White Foundation to collect 75,000 signatures on a petition by 3rd August.


The petition wants to make it mandatory for bleed control kits to be accessible in all public places such as schools, shopping centres and transport hubs.


This will not only help to prevent tragedies due to knife and other crimes but will also equip everyday people with the means to save lives in emergencies.


Ava White (photo attached) was just 12-years-old when her life was taken in a knife attack while she was enjoying the Christmas Lights switch on in Liverpool City Centre on 25th November 2021.


Ava’s mum, Leeann, is a guest speaker at the committee’s seminar on Violence Against Women and Girls in Liverpool on Saturday (6th July) and we have pledged to do everything we can to assist her to push up the numbers of signatures on the petition.


Regional Convenor and committee member Joanne Moorcroft, who is also speaking at the seminar, is backing the campaign as part of her Priority Project on Violence Against Women and Girls. She will be raising awareness of Leeann’s work at the next Regional Committee meeting.


Please click the link below to sign the petition and to share it with your networks, family and friends. 


Thank you for your support.

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