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Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza


You will be watching with horror the massacre that is unfolding in Gaza. With nearly 2000 dead and thousands injured, the overwhelming majority are civilians and a huge proportion children.

Even the UN has indicated that Israel may be guilty of war crimes and today has accused the Israel army of intentionally targeting refugee camps.

It is absolutely disgraceful that the UK government remains silent on this matter. All members are urged to contact their MP to ask them to put pressure on the Government to demand an immediate ceasefire and to inform Israel that they will push for sanctions if they continue with aggression against the Palestinian people.

The Region adopted a comprehensive motion on the crisis. (attached).

The region also made a significant  donation  to the Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP) and is urging all branches to make donations. MAP is an incredibly brave organisation which is working on the ground in Gaza dealing with disaster which is occurring.

Below is the web link to MAP’s website where donations can be made.


Finally there are many protest rallies being organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign both Nationally and locally and all branches are urged to support them.


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