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Free Financial Advice


What is UNISON Debtline?

UNISON Debtline is run by Payplan in partnership with There for You (UNISON Welfare) and is available to all UNISON members and their families.

How can UNISON Debtline help members and their families?

It gives free, impartial and confidential advice on budgeting, rent, mortgage, council tax and utility arrears, bailiffs and county court issues and problems with maintaining payments to unsecured debts.

It offers debt management plans, individual voluntary arrangements or trust deeds and advice on bankruptcy and debt relief orders.

It can also point members to other appropriate organisations such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme in Scotland.

If there is no money available for a structured plan and a member does not wish to look at bankruptcy, it provides letters and documents so clients can deal with their creditors directly and make token payments while being supported by Payplan.

Why use UNISON Debtline?

UNISON Debtline is free - but any UNISON member will always be given the opportunity to talk to a specialist adviser who can refer them back to UNISON Welfare if there’s the possibility of financial help with a grant for priority arrears such as mortgage, rent or utility bills.

How does UNISON Debtline support branches and regions?

UNISON Debtline sends representatives to regional and branch meetings. They can offer help and advice to welfare officers who are dealing with members.

All members are advised that there are UNISON Plus suppliers who may be able to save them money on financial products and the UNISON prepaid card is recommended as a budgeting tool.

How can members contact UNISON Debtline?

They can call a Freephone number 0800 3893302 or visit a dedicated webpage. The phone service is available Monday to Friday 8am-9pm and 9am-3pm on Saturday.


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