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Retired membership

Q. Can I remain a UNISON member once I have retired?

A. Yes, provided you have had at least two years continuous membership immediately prior to your retirement and you are in receipt of a pension and not in other paid employment.

Q. How much is retired membership?

A. It is £15 life membership. Please contact the branch by email or phone to request a retired members form.

Q. What can I do as a retired member?

A. Retired members shall be able to attend branch meetings and to vote on issues not relating to the pay and conditions of members in employment. They will be entitled to stand for office and vote only for positions in the Retired Members' Organisation unless otherwised determined by the National Executive Council or as otherwise provided for in UNISON rule.

 Q. What if I start working again after I become a retired member?

A. If you take up employment within the scope of UNISON's representation in UNISON rule then you would have to become a full paying member again.


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