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Make a suggestion about the website

We welcome constructive input from our activists and members particularly at this early stage in the development of the website. This website is for you and we want to know what you want to see on it.

You may wish to see some advice on a certain topic or wish to know what UNISON is doing about an issue that affects you.

See below for more information on how to make a suggestion.

Q. I would like to see an article/information on "xxxxxxxxxx". How do I suggest this?

A. The easiest way to make a suggestion is to email the branch and this can then be passed on to the communications team. It won't be possible to facilitate every suggestion but we will try our best to cover the main topics.

Q. Can I write an article for the website?

A. We welcome contributions from members and activists. There is a separate FAQ on the subject of writing an article.


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