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Examples of impact of pay proposals


Below are 5 case studies that show the impact of the pay proposals if they are accepted by the majority of the membership:

Example A

Ashley works 18.5 hours a week and she is paid on spinal column point (scp) 5.  In March 2014 her annual gross pay was £6,217.50 . If the pay proposal were to be implemented her gross pay would increase to £6,750.00 from 1 January 2015 and to £6,807.00 from 1 October when scp 5 is deleted from the national agreement.  This increase would occur earlier if she were due an increment between January and September 2015. In addition she would receive a cash lump sum payment in her December 2014 pay.  The gross value of this lump sum would be £162.50 (to reflect the fact that she works half of the standard working week). Between 1 April 2014 and 1 October 2015 her gross pay, excluding lump sums, would increase by 9.48%.

Example B

Byron works 37 hours a week and he is paid on scp 5.  However his employer has implemented the national Living Wage and so he gets a supplement to bring him up to the level of the Living Wage.  In March 2014 the annual value of this supplement was £2,324 and his annual gross pay was £14,759.  The proposed increase in scp 5 from 1 January 2015 is £1,065 (when compared to March 2014).  Byron would not get this increase, as it would merely decrease the level of the Living Wage supplement from £2,324 to £1,259.  The level of the supplement would decrease further if Byron moved from scp 5 to 6 during this period.  He would move to scp 6 by 1 October 2015 at the latest when scale point 5 would be deleted from the national agreement. However Byron would get the £325 lump sum in December 2014, as this would be paid to employees regardless of any Living Wage supplement.

Example C

Clarissa works 27 hours a week in a council with a 36 hour standard working week.  She is paid on scp 9.  Her gross pay is currently £10,293.75.  This would increase to £10,556.25 from 1 January 2015.  This represents an increase of 2.55%.  In December 2014 she would get 75% (£112.50) of the lump sum due to those on scp 9.

Example D

Dinsha works 3 days a week (22.2 hours) and is paid on scp 11.  Her gross annual pay is currently £8,928. Her council pays the Living Wage, but this does not affect her as her pay point is currently above the Living Wage.  If the proposal were to be implemented her gross pay would increase to £9,124.20 from 1 January 2015.  She would also get a £60 lump sum in December 2014 which represents 60% of the lump sum a full timer on this scp would get.

Example E

Elisha works full time and is paid on scp 41.  This is the top of her grade.  She is currently paid £34,894.  This would increase to £35,662 on 1 January 2015.  This would be an increase of 2.2%. In addition she would get a lump sum payment of £100 in December 2014 and a second lump sum payment of £60 in April 2015.

Attached is a Power Point Presentation that is being shown at some main workplace briefings that might help make things clearer.

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