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About Your Branch Secretary

Branch Secretary - Teresa Connally

Teresa Connally is the Branch Secretary of UNISON West Cheshire Branch. Teresa has been a union activist for over 18 years.

Before the creation of West Cheshire and Chester Council, Teresa was a member of the Ellesmere Port and Neston UNISON Branch and worked for the council there. Through the reorganisation of local government, which saw a number of smaller borough councils merge with a split Cheshire County Council, Teresa became more involved in UNISON by attending regular meetings to keep her members in Ellesmere Port up to date with the latest news. Teresa became more and more involved and was aksed to stand for the position of Assistant Branch Secretary, a role which meant that Teresa would be released from her job to work for West Cheshire UNISON Branch on a full time basis.

When the previous Branch Secretary stepped down Teresa was nominated to become the new Branch Secretary. Teresa says " I am honoured to be your Branch Secretary and I will do my upmost to be the best, proactive Branch Secretary I can for my members".

The website team managed to pin Teresa down for a quick lighthearted interview and we've included her responses below.

Q. Who do you most admire in trade union/labour movement and why?

A. Mo Mowlam, she was a remarkable woman. Her strength of character and how she fought for peace and the people of Northern Ireland.

Q. What advice would you give to young activists today? Or what advice would you give yourself if you could send a letter to your young (say 20 year old) self?

A. “20 year old young self” – I wish!

Dear 20 year old,

I write this letter to explain how and why being a unison activist is so important.  Unison is over a million voices for all ages, races and gender and UNISON is the people’s union. It fights all areas where protection of people at work is paramount.

Being 20 you will see what's happening at work  and how we protect jobs, rights, welfare, the list is endless of what we do. It will also become apparent that we care, we put 100% in our work to fight your corner.

You are at the right age to get what you want out of the union movement. If you truly believe in what we are doing, willing to help and protect all your colleagues and most important care then I will help and assist you in providing training and support you require to become a number one activist.

Yours truly,

Teresa x

Q. What hobbies do you have? Or how do you relax? Or how do you cope with stress?

A. My hobbies are mostly any out door activity, I love exercise and being out in the fresh air. I relax by having a large latte and putting my feet up and giving my dog, Connie, lots of love and attention. How I cope with stress is always thinking of the next thing to do, planning the way forward and also living a healthy life helps deal with stress. I love socialising, meeting up with friends and enjoying their company. I am a firm believer in “if you put the work in, you will receive the benefits”.

Q. What is your favourite or most inspiring book? And/or what book are you currently reading? Or what book did you last read?

A. Funny enough I am reading Mo Mowlam, “Momentum”. I am also reading (I jump between the two) “Capricornia” from the film Australia. I enjoy reading and it is a great way to relax.

Q. What is your favourite type of music/favourite artist or band?

A. In my car at the moment I am playing Girls Aloud. I also like lots of different artists and it all depends really what you are doing and maybe who you are entertaining.

Q. Who is your favourite actor and what is your favourite film and why?

A. My favourite film(s) are Pocahontas, I love Walt Disney and the spiritual feeling as the wind blows through her hair and she dives off the cliff. What Women Want with Mel Gibson, how he can read woman’s minds… I wish he could read my mind. Lastly, Twister, full of action and determination with the two teams racing each other.

My favourite actor is Mel Gibson, what an actor he is absolutely fabulous, especially in Braveheart.

Q. What is your favourite place for a holiday or where would you most like to go on holiday one day?

A. I love travelling and seeing the world, I am always going somewhere. The airport gives me a buzz and an overwhelming feeling of excitement. My friend and I are going away in October for 3 weeks to Australia and I will write about my journey later. I love going to Spain, I go there two or three times a year, it depends on the pound notes. Where I go in Spain is very unspoilt and not commercialised, it is very Spanish and that’s why I love it so much.

Q. Do you have a favourite piece of technology? If so, what is it and why do you like it?

A. My nano ipod – I love getting out and doing a bit of running, they are so light and easy to use.  My friend Laura has just put some new tunes on it for me and they certainly give me a boost and give me the energy I need to run.


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